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Dr Katy Pedlow Neurological Physiotherapist provides seminar at Robert G. Sinclair Solicitors.

September 29, 2017

As the fastest growing litigation department in Northern Ireland, Dr Katy Pedlow, recently provided training on the benefits of physiotherapy.

At Robert G. Sinclair Solicitors, we currently deal with some of the largest personal injury/clinical negligence cases in Northern Ireland and treatment is always of paramount importance.

Dr Katy Pedlow came to our offices on 26/09/2017 to provide our solicitors with some guidance on physiotherapy.

Some of the points to note are:

  • There are numerous types of physiotherapy that can be provided such as MSK (Musculoskeletal), neurological, paediatric, orthopaedic, respiratory, women’s health and sports.
  • Although it is ideally better for physiotherapy to take place at an early stage, treatment can be provided at any stage.
  • Physiotherapists can also carry out a work based assessment which in turn could lead to a Smyth –v- Manchester award, this is a claim which you do not take any time off work but there has been an impact on your employment.
  • Injuries such as brain injury, cerebral palsy etc. can obviously be treated with physiotherapy but there are also things such as vertigo and dizziness can also be treated.
  • Half of people who have had a fall will fall again within the next 12 months.
  • Cost to the NHS of falls is estimated at £2.3billion per year.
  • Injury due to falls is the leading cause of mortality in people aged over 75 in the UK.
  • 50% of people who sustained a whiplash injury will not recover but will continue to report ongoing pain and disability one year after the injury (Carroll 2008)

Therefore, it is essential that if you have been in an accident that you contact a member of the team at Robert G Sinclair Solicitors.



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